About Dr. Shane Sheibani

Since 1996, Dr. Daniel Shane Sheibani Davidson has served as a well-regarded cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California. Known as “Dr. New Me of Beverly Hills,” Dr. Sheibani applies his extensive experience with thousands of plastic cosmetic surgeries and his immense expertise to assist those seeking primary or revisional, reconstructive cosmetic surgeries of face, nose, breasts and body.

Since establishing his Beverly Hills-based facility, New Me Boutique Clinic, over a decade ago, Dr. D. Shane Sheibani Davidson has performed thousands of revisional, corrective, primary, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, body, skin, and breasts. Facial plastic surgeries of the face, nose, and neck, as well as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, breast lifts, liosculpture, and sexual organ surgeries remain some of his most popular procedures. Dr. Sheibani’s patients travel from all over the globe and around the United States to receive his opinion and obtain surgery from him. He has an international television program where he lectures about cosmetic surgery internationally. Hundreds of physicians and medical students along with the public participate in his talks. He discovered his interest in surgery while growing up.

At 19 years old, Dr. Shane Sheibani enrolled in medical school, earning his Doctor of Medicine from Ross University School of Medicine four years later. He also completed Doctorate in Natural Medicine in 1993. Subsequently, the University of Southern California selected him for a research fellowship. He then obtained training in general surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital-Manhattan. Following these experiences, he focused on cosmetic surgery, studying under renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Bernard Koire and Dr. Morton Mazaheri. Since then, Dr. Sheibani has supplemented his educational achievements by attending the University of California’s Executive Healthcare Management and Administration program, where he obtained a Master of Business Administration in 2004. He is currently completing his Doctorate Degree in Law. He provides international consultations by telemedicine computer or through Skype. To learn more, contact the office in Beverly Hills at (310) 271-3000.


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